Numb AF was created to address the ever-increasing need of having a painless tattoo. This product is not only for people who have a low threshold for pain, but also for experienced tattoo collectors who just want to concentrate on sensitive areas like the rib cage and joints.  Our main goal is to give you a positive experience during your tattoo sessions. 
With Numb AF, you can also pierce without fear, and relax while you wax!
Number AF, in addition to the commonly utilized base ingredients (Lidocaine and prilocaine), was made from the best combination of skin-friendly and natural chemicals which keeps your skin healthy while protecting against any possible adverse side effects.
We wish to keep providing the best numbing cream, and we are not in any way ready to compromise our standards for anything in the world. Numb AF was created with your satisfaction as the top priority; that is why Numb AF is a top-notch numbing cream that is highly researched and tested. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals who can handle all your queries. We are fast! We are reliable! On top of that, we are Affordable!
Kindly read our FAQ page and refund policy or reach out to us via our email address at customerservice@numb-af.com for complaints, suggestions, feedback, and inquiries about Numb AF.

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